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October - November 2008 PDF Print E-mail

FYI Newsletter


October-November 2008

IT’S “BLUE TULIP” TIME!  On Saturday, October 25, 10-8  PM the Blue Tulip store at The Shoppes in Canton is holding a fund raiser for the Canton Historical Museum by donating 15% of proceeds on that day toward the Building Fund.  Mention the museum and promo code-01051025 and you will get 20% discount on your purchase and the museum will get its share.   Marge Harmon organized this event.  We should all try to buy something.  They specialize in a wide variety of gift items, stationery and greeting cards.  A good time to start Christmas shopping!


2008 WRAP-UP OF SAM COLLINS DAY.   Sam Collins Day was a total success.  According to Treasurer Dick Sanger the total receipts were $2300.00.   The teacup auction in Canton netted $833 thanks to Marge Harmon.  The porch sale of deaccessioned items from the museum raised $550, according to Mike Wolff who took care of the sale, Dick Iken sold $125 worth of hot dogs, $110 in donations, $450 from the Canton booth, and the remainder gift shop sales.   Besides being financially successful, the museum was busy all day as 250-300 people came through.  Although 250 people signed the register, there were many who did not.  Kathy Taylor led a tour with so many people that she couldn’t bring them into the museum for her usual preliminary talk in the Collins Room.  David Leff also had about 25 people for his walking tour of Collinsville. Many thanks to both.  Also thanks to Dr. Carlton and Peg who always dress up and lend an air to the museum on that day plus they always go over to the Canton site, Larry with a sign on his back, urging people to visit the museum.   We had so many people that by 3:30 the punch bowl was drained and the last cookie was eaten.   Thank you to those who supplied cookies and to all of you who manned their posts at the museum. 


MUSEUM TOURS.   We have three tour lined up for October and November.  On Wednesday, October 29,  the Farmington Alternative High School has requested a tour at 1:15 p.m.   Two Cub Scout groups from New Hartford have also requested tours:  one on Saturday, November  1,  and the other on Saturday, November 22.  On Wednesday, October  22, Larry Carlton conducted a tour of four Chinese exchange students from Nanking.  They were non-English speaking, but Larry who has been in China three times (once with the Flying Tigers in WWII) managed to pull it off and spoke a few words in Chinese which broke the ice and got them laughing.


LIONS CLUB WINE TASTING EVENT: This will be held at the museum on Friday, November14, from 6-9 p.m.  The affair will be held on two floors so help will be needed to monitor the museum.   Let the curator or Carole Cumming know if you are interested in being there. 


CHRISTMAS BOUTIQUE:  It’s coming up very soon right on the tail of Election Day on Saturday, November 8, from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m.  Joann Jurgen has been urging everyone who can to make something.  She herself has been busy making lots of things.  And, of course, you can always provide a food item for the Food Sale.  The boutique will have a new look with several vendors on the first floor in a store setting.


BOY SCOUT AXES:   Recently a request came via email from a John Storm from a heritage association wanting to know the dates when the Collins Company manufactured Boy Scout axes.  For your information from some research Roy Olson did, the Collins Company started manufacturing them in 1923 and continued until 1939/1940 when they were last advertised. The Boy Scouts of America catalog last listed them in 1939.


CHRISTMAS PARTY:  This too is early this year.  The date set is Saturday, December 6, at 6:00 p.m.  Everyone involved in the museum (and guest) is invited to attend this event which as usual is “pot luck.”

Kathleen Woolam, Curator

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