"The Lure of Litchfield" for sale at the museum

The Canton Historical Museum has old issues of the "Lure of Litchfield" for sale.  The supply is limited so it is first come, first served.  You can pick up editions at the Museum Gift Shop, or you can Click Here To Print An Order Form.  Because of the limited supply you can not order these on-line.  Please remember supplies are limited.  When they are gone, they are all gone. 

T-Shirt Shipping

Youth Pink Yellow

Youth Green/Blue

1800s Atlas replica of Canton, CT 13 X 16 replica of the Canton, CT page of the world atlas. Part of a series.

Price $5.50 per unframed copy tax included 

Shipping $4.25 for up to 5 copies. Can be combined with other prints or maps

Not all of our items are listed on our Gift Shop Page. We have more items for sale in the museum, and we have the "Unique Boutique" at Christmas time. Please stop in during regular hours to view all of the items in our Gift Shop. If you are purchasing on-line, you will need to include shipping charges. Shipping charges are stated with each item. Please choose the number of shipping charges needed to ship ALL of your items. To purchase one or more of our Gift Shop Items click the PayPal button to securely purchase through PayPal.

Main Street Collinsville Sketch Reproduction of Harriet Fox sketch in black and white.  11in X 8.5in 

Price $12 per print tax included   

Shipping $4.25. Can be combined with other prints or maps.

Collins Company Legitimus Polo shirts Adult sizes only: small, medium, large, extra large. Please specify color: green, royal blue, soft pink, soft yellow.    

Price $25 tax included

Shipping $5.75 for up to 4 Polo shirts

Antique Electric Western Sewing Machine

Antique electric sewing machine.  Western Electric Model number 201807 with case.  $50.  To purchase or to arrange a showing call the museum at 860-693-2793 and ask for Kathy Jenkins, or e-mail the librarian on our contact page

Special One-Of-A-Kind Item

MELODEON FOR SALE - Flat top melodeon by Carhart, the inventor of melodeons. Patent, label says patented Dec. 28th 1846, Reissued June 24th 1856. Manufactured by Needham & Co., 92 W. 93rd St., NYC.
Made of Brazilian Cherry, with book-matched panels.

Asking Price $300. Must be picked up at :
Canton Historical Museum, 11 Front Street, Collinsville, CT

To purchase or to arrange a showing call the museum at 860-693-2793 and ask for Kathy Jenkins, or e-mail the librarian on our contact page

1800s Atlas replica of Collinsville, CT 13 X 16 replica of the Collinsville section of Canton, CT of the world atlas. Part of a series.  

Price $5.50 per unframed copy tax included  

Shipping $4.50 for up to 6 copies. Can be combined with other prints or maps.

Collins Company, Collinsville, CT Legitimus T-shirts In Youth small-medium-large sizes and Adult small-medium-large sizes. Please specify color: Youth pink, spring green, royal blue, or yellow. Adults pink, blue, red, or black.   

Adult Tees $12 tax included 

Youth Tees $10  tax included

Shipping $5.75 for up to 5 T-shirts.

Polo Large

Podadera Shipping


Map/Atlas/Sketch Shipping

1878 Railroad Map

Depots Book Shipping

Country Depots Book

Collins Book Shipping

Collins Co Book

Polo Shipping

Country Depots in the Connecticut Hills.  A great present for train enthusiasts.  Soft cover, 125 pages.    

Price $25 tax included   

Shipping $5.75 or $12.65 for 2-3 books.

2 Antique Chairs

Two antique chairs.  Nice wood, possibly walnut.  Need reupholstering.  One needs repair to springs.  $40 each or $70 for the pair  To purchase or to arrange a showing call the museum at 860-693-2793 and ask for Kathy Jenkins, or e-mail the librarian on our contact page

Polo Small

Polo Medium

1878 Connecticut Railroad Map Replica of the 1878 map showing all the railroad lines going through Connecticut. Great gift for the railroad enthusiast.  20 X 16 3/4 inch print unframed.                                      

Price $5.50 tax included

Shipping $4.25 for up to 5 maps.  Can be combined with other maps or prints

The Canton Historical Museum Gift Shop

Adult Pink Blue

Adult Red Black

Main Street Sketch

Collinsville Atlas Page

Canton Atlas Page

Map/Atlas/Sketch Shipping

Map/Atlas/Sketch Shipping

Map/Atlas/Sketch Shipping

Canton Remebers 1-2 Books Shipping

Canton Remembers

The Collins Company of Collinsville, Connecticut Written by Tom Ayres and Kathleen Taylor. Soft cover book with 80 pages of information, pictures, and maps pertaining to the Collins Company buildings and other historic Collinsville buildings. Great gift for anyone interested in history or who had connections to the Collins Company. 

Price $29.00 tax included

Shipping $5.75 for 1 book or $12.65 for 2 - 4 books

Podadera - made at the Collins Company, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.  Limited amount available, collector's item.

Price $35 (limit two per order) tax included   

Shipping $12.95

"Canton Remembers" edited by Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Margaret Carlton. Interesting and amusing stories about actual events from Canton's past. 215 pages hard cover book.   

Price  $20 tax included      

Shipping $5.75 or $12.65 for 2-3 books.