A pre-electricity kitchen with a wood stove and pump vacuum cleaner

Examples of farm plows 

A bellows for stoking the fire actually used in the Collins Company 

The Basement

A replica of a 1700s blacksmith shop

The General Store and Apothecary

A diorama of the Collins Company in its prime circa 1940

The Main Floor

Some of the exhibits you will find at the Museum 

Wooden farm-made plows and metal Collins Company plows

Band instruments from bands in Canton 

The children's room

Examples of Collins Company axes

More examples of farm tools 


The Bridal parlor

An 1854 Button fire engine pulled by men.  It was last used when Sam Collins' house burned in 1912.

A replica of an 1800s barbershop

A 1700 wooden peg loom for weaving cloth

The Simonds Collection

Examples of Collins Company axes, adzes, knives and more

Examples of Collins Company ceremonial swords, knives, and machetes

Photography exhibit depicting Charles Harrington, a well known local photographer.

Native American artifacts found in Canton

The third floor is home to the Farmington Valley Railroad Society.  Come visit the wonderful train layout